Download the Battlezone Demo
Download the Battlezone demo and see what all the buzz is about! The demo contains 4 training missions (combat exercises) to help you learn the weapons and interface as well as 2 game missions for the Stars and Stripes. Some things to note: this action-packed demo is a 20 MB download, so depending on your modem speed, the process could take a while. In addition, you'll need to make sure you have DirectX 5 installed on your system along with fully compatible drivers for the demo to run. It should also be noted that while most people don't experience problems downloading our demos, we are unable to provide Activision Customer Support for this promotional offering.
Click here to download the Demo!
Please Note: If you are one of the people who has been experiencing difficulty downloading the Battlezone demo (and several other popular downloadable items), here's the official word from Activision Internet Deity David 'the Plumber' Vonderhaar explaining why some people are having trouble:

"As you may know we recently put up a download for Interstate '76 Gold Edition which was more popular than we imagined. Because of the demand for that file, other FTP users have experienced periodic periods where it appears the server is offline, not responding, or crashed.

In reality, the server is just very, very busy serving up requests.

Although I recently doubled our connectivity, things still get busy from time to time. My only suggestion is be patient, try all of the download options, or connect with one of our mirrors.

Hope this helps."


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