Battlezone Gold
Look for Battlezone Gold
on store shelves September 1999!

BattlezoneTM Gold includes the following:
  • Battlezone with version 1.4 patch!
  • Two authorized add-on packs: The Red Odyssey (version 1.3) and Battlegrounds, adding a new side, 10 new vehicles, 23 new missions, 45 instant action missions, and over 50 multiplayer maps!
  • The BradyGames Official Strategy Guide!
  • A demo of Battlezone II!
Battlezone Press
High Praise for Battlezone!

Computer Gaming World
5 Stars / CG Choice - June 1998
      "A fantastic gaming experience."

PC Gamer
93% Rating / Editor's Choice - June 1998
      "The most addictive, ingenious, and approachable game to appear
      in a long while."

Computer Games Strategy Plus
4.5 Stars / Stamp of Approval - June 1998
      "An innovative and exceptionally well-designed and executed game."

PC Games
A Rating / A List - June 1998
      "Battlezone is wholly involving and almost unremittingly delightful."

93% Rating - March 1998
      "... one of the best strategy games I've wrapped my brain (and
      trigger finger) around in a long, long time."


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