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February 27
•  New Look! The New Battlezone site is completed!
Welcome to our new format! We think you'll find it friendlier and even more info-rich than ever. You'll find a few things have moved, but everything's here that we had before - plus a few new items (Make sure to check out the unit specs section). As always, we'll be updating the site on a daily basis to keep you up to date as we count down the few remaining days until the release of the gaming world's next great game experience - Battlezone.
•  Battlezone Button
Here is a 'Now' button for those of you who prefer to link to the official site without using one of the banners (found in the links section).
February 26
•  Weekly IRC Metting Reminder
Mike Arkin sez...Join the party! "Hey," Arkin says to me, "make sure to remind everybody to show up Saturday for the weekly IRC Meeting on EFNet at 3PM left coast time." So what are Mike and the guys going to be talking about this week? "We'll be answering your questions like always, plus we'll be discussing how to use our map editor as well as the final steps we're taking to wrap up the project." So bring your questions, we'll bring answers, and maybe somebody will throw down for the 'chip and dip'.
February 24
•  Favorite Strategies
Learn what the designers say is the best way to use those many weapons you have to choose from. Today's Favorite Strategies installment: the Thumper, the MAG Cannon, Splinter Mortar and more.
February 23
•  Battlezone Interface Design
Part II of Joseph Donaldson's feature on the Battlezone interface design has been added to the Team Talk section. This time, it's all about the simulation interface.
•  GameSpot Designer Diary
Designer George Collins' GameSpot Designer Diary has been added to the Team Talk area.
February 19
•  Missionyard's Visit to Battlezone HQ
Missionyard sent me his report about his visit to Battlezone Headquarters last weekend. Check it out!
February 18
•  Captain Gram's Battlezone Board
Just added: Captain Gram has created a Battlezone discussion board. It's also in Links.
February 17
•  World of Battlezone
A new site has appeared on the horizon: Captain Gram's World of Battlezone. He's chomping at the bit for materials and we'll give him what we can. He's in Links for future reference.
February 15
•  The Battlezone Contest Has Arrived!
Here's your chance to win an ORIGINAL BATTLEZONE STAND-UP ARCADE GAME, superb Canopus Pure 3D graphics boards or Battlezone Strategy Guides and T-shirts. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions, ENTER NOW!
February 13
•  Battlezone Arena
Battlezone welcomes a new fan site: Battle Arena, headed up by one of our multiplayer balance testers. It's got a permanent home in our Links section.
Speaking of the Play Balance Test, our dedicated reporting area will be going up MONDAY. We'll start out with separate screens for each of the four teams (two action, two strategy), listing the members of each team. Team captains will be posting messages there along the way, to let everybody know what they're up to and how badly they're damaging the other side. Activision's Battlezone Web team will bring you the results of every deathmatch and strategy-based multiplayer game: who fragged, who took all. Phoebus is working on the area right now, so you know it'll kick a__. Joseph Donaldson of the Dark Reign Universe will be MC for the action..
February 13
•  Latest IRC Log
The latest IRC session with Producer Mike Arkin can be found in the Downloads section. Thanks to technology, you can be "there."
Everybody say hello to another member of the Battlezone family -- Missionyard. His Battlezone Center is now in the Links section.
Also noted -- check out Gaming Age's preview of the game. It's there with the growing list of reviews and fan sites in Links.
February 12
•  Battlezone Center
Everybody say hello to another member of the Battlezone family -- Missionyard. His Battlezone Center is now in the Links area.
•  This Week's IRC Meeting Log
The latest IRC session with Producer Mike Arkin can be found in the Discussion section. Thanks to technology, you can be "there."
•  Gaming Age Battlezone Preview
Also noted -- check out Gaming Age's preview of the game. It's there with the growing list of reviews and fan sites in Links.
February 11
•  Play Balance Test Progress
COMING UP: We'll be creating an area dedicated to following the progress of the play balance test. We wish everyone could be testers but we could only take 200 total. If you're a tester, be sure to check in here for info from your team captain or other teams. If you're not, keep up on the Action-Strategy Wars as they happen! We'll be posting the results of the multiplayer matches, in both strategy and deathmatch mode. Every frag, (captured) flag and conquest will be reported right here. Stay tuned -- it's coming in a matter of days, if not hours.
February 10
•  Play Balance Testers Chosen
All of our *PLAY BALANCE TESTERS* have been chosen! We emailed everybody last night and the games, instructions and info are on the way, Priority Mail. Check your email box -- you might be a tester yourself!
New RealVideo movies of Battlezone weapons have been added to the Weapons section. This time up: the SITE Camera and the Rocket Bomb take on the favorite from last time, the MAG Cannon. Vote for your favorite.
So far, the MAG Cannon and the Rocket Bomb are running neck-and-neck.
February 9
•  Please Be Patient
I can tell by the mail that folks are getting antsy about this beta test. We're still in the picking phase -- please be patient. In the interim, play the demo. Walk the dog. Clean your home. The word will be going out soon.
February 6
•  Battlezone Internet Demo Released!
The World Premiere of the Battlezone Internet demo will be at GameSpot THIS EVENING. Don't miss it -- but if you do, it'll be worldwide (and here) on Monday.
Coming later today: the Official Battlezone Contest! You answer a few questions (correctly) and become the lucky draw in a random drawing and we send you an old-school BZ standup arcade game or a load of other prizes. Sounds easy enough....
The Play Balance Test Registration is now CLOSED. We'll be sending out the demos to the lucky 200 entrants who will be part of the 4 squads (2 action, 2 strategy). As the training period goes on and the battles begin, activision.com will be reporting on all the happenings. Find out which team has the skills to pay the bills.
February 4
•  Ask the Team Results
The results are in ... check out Ask the Team for this week's hot topics. Chris Lucas, DkBRFG and Kenneth Ko want to know ... and Activision answers.
LAST CHANCE!! The gameplay balance test registration closes tonight, so be sure to enter NOW if you haven't yet.
The IRC session from Sunday has been posted in the Downloads section. There's a lot of info in there!
February 3
•  Chat Transcript
The transcript of the IRC Chat on Area-S with Producer Mike Arkin and others is going up later on today.
New screenshots will be going up as well ... We'll let you know when.
NOTE: if you had trouble registering for the beta test, please try again. We have resolved the programming issues in the form and it should work fine for everyone now (if you fill in the required fields!).
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