Map Editor Update 4/10
We know a lot of you were pleased to discover a couple weeks ago that Battlezone would be shipping with a fully functioning map editor. Now that the game is in stores, some of you have had trouble finding the editor on the disk. (It's in the "edit" directory.)
What's more, we need to make an important change to the editor instruction documentation. In the instructions for how to use 'maketrn' to make a blank map, the command line in the document is incorrect. the example is...
Type maketrn /c multdm07 /w=2560 /h=2560
When it should have read...
Type maketrn multdm07 /c /w=2560 /h=2560
We're also now offering a sample single-player mission for downloading along with the updated version of the map editor instruction document. new Mission and updated documentation 103K
Once you have downloaded the zip file, follow the instructions below.
Note: Missions created by other players will only work if you have the patch v1.01.

1. Copy all of the files from the folder "User Mission 1" provided in this file into the "addon" folder found at the root of the Battlezone game.

2. In Windows95, click on the Start menu and choose Run. Type the path to your game executable along with the name of the .bzn for the custom mission. For example, if you loaded the game to the default folder, you could just copy and paste this:

"c:\program files\activision\battlezone\bzone.exe" usrmsn01.bzn
(You must run the instant action missions with the ".bzn" extension at the end of the file name or the mission will not work correctly.)

3. After the intro movie is done playing, the game will launch directly into the mission.

4. The objective for all custom made maps is to Destroy all of the Soviets!

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